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From the serene shores of Comoros to the bustling life in France, Salama's journey is anything but ordinary. Balancing life as a devoted mother and a pioneering digital entrepreneur, she has carved out a niche in the expansive world of Notion templates.

Today, she shares insights into how a simple search for personal growth tools led her to the versatile world of Notion, transforming her approach to productivity and inspiring her to empower others with her innovative templates. Join us as we explore the life and work of a creator who brings organization and flair to the digital world.

Q: How did you first discover Notion, and what drew you to it?

A: Through Ali Abdal. Back then I was subscribe to skill share to learn more about  personal growth, goal setting. I was hooked by its flexibility – building a system tailored to my need was mind-blowing 

Q: What motivated you to start creating Notion templates?

A: I decided to start a side hustle. At the time, I was already using Notion to organize my notes. Given my familiarity with it and its low barrier to entry, it was the best choice.

Q: What does a typical day in your life look like? 

As a mom, my schedule has to be flexible but my day looks like this:

  • I don’t have a specific time to wake up. Sometimes it’s 5 am and other times it’s 7 am
  • 40% taking care of family
  • 20% learning
  • 20% having fun( going out, playing with my daughter, quality time with my husband)
  • 10% building my personal brand
  • 10% notion template business (currently on hold)


Q: As a mom and digital creator, how do you balance your personal responsibilities with your creative pursuits?

A: It’s challenging, and more than once, I wanted to quit. However, I was so inspired by the Notion community that I knew something needed to change. I’ve built a system to make the most of my time using Notion. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good start and very helpful. 

Q: Can you share how you use your templates in your daily routine?

A: Absolutely! I use:

  1. I journal twice a day (morning page and night thoughts) for mental clarity, to live intentionally.
  2. A Daily Planner  because I don’t want to overload my brain thinking about what to do next and end up procrastinating. 
  3. A Note manager for All my notes from content creation, brain dump, and ideas strike. I’m a very scattered person, having all my notes in one place makes me productive and less overwhelmed. 
  4. To-do list to prioritize task.


Q: What resources or communities have you found most supportive as you start your journey as a Notion creator?

A: The Notion X community and various YouTube channels have been invaluable. I draw a lot of inspiration from fellow creators who share their journeys and insights.

Q: How do you plan to expand your range of templates?

A: My strategy is simple: I solve my own problems first. If a solution proves effective for me, I develop it into a template that might help others.

Q: Are there any particular features or innovations you’re hoping to incorporate into future templates?

A: Definitely! I’m looking to incorporate more complex formulas and enhance integration with other tools to make the templates even more powerful and versatile.

Q: What’s your favorite way to relax or destress?

A:  Nothing beats a walk in nature for me. It’s the simplest yet most profound way to clear my mind and rejuvenate.

Q: Can you share a goal or dream that you’re currently pursuing?

A: Becoming a nocode freelancer. This is why I’m learning Figma, learning how to build design systems, and building my personal brand.

Salama’s journey from a curious learner to a pioneering Notion creator is a testament to the power of creativity and perseverance.

Balancing motherhood with her passion for digital creation, she has not only enhanced her own life but also offers tools that empower others to organize, prioritize, and beautify their daily routines.

As Salama continues to expand her template repertoire and explore new frontiers in no-code freelancing, her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring creators everywhere. Whether it’s walking through nature or designing the next big template, Salama embodies the spirit of innovation and the joy of life-long learning.

Keep an eye on her journey, as she is sure to continue making waves in the digital world.

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