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We provide comprehensive productivity packages tailored to the unique needs of small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers using Notion and other productivity tools.

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Productivity Audit

Introductory meeting to understand your business, workflow needs, and pain points. Detailed analysis of current operations, tools, and systems. Identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.


System Setup

Develop and implement custom Notion templates and integrate with other platforms as agreed. Set up the initial workflow configurations.


Training Session

Introduce the new system to the client's team, ensuring they understand how to use the tools effectively.


Review and Adjustments

After a short period of usage, review the setup with the client to assess any issues or further needs. Make necessary adjustments.


$ 500
  • Productivity Audit
  • Client Portal
  • Up to 5 custom Notion templates
  • Integration with one platform
  • One training session


$ 1,500
  • Productivity Audit
  • Client Portal
  • Up to 15 custom Notion templates
  • Integration with 3 platforms
  • 3 training sessions


$ 3,000
  • Productivity Audit
  • Client Portal
  • Up to 30 custom Notion templates
  • Full multi-platform integration
  • 6 training sessions

Words From Clients

The Basic Package was a game changer for organizing my project deadlines and client communications. The custom Notion templates streamlined my workflow dramatically, allowing me more time to focus on creativity.

Emma Johnson

Project Manager

The Basic Package was perfect for our lean startup. The setup was quick and effective, immediately streamlining our operations and improving our daily workflow.

Lucas Smith

Startup Founder

Our company benefited immensely from the Professional Package. We integrated Notion, Slack and Trello, enhancing our team's collaboration and project tracking capabilities. The training sessions were invaluable in helping us fully leverage these integrations.

Xavier Lopez

Operations Manager

Thanks to the Professional Package, our project management process is smoother and more transparent. The comprehensive audit and custom templates have been a game changer for our medium-sized business.

Michael Brown

Project Manager

The Enterprise Package tailored everything to our expansive needs. The custom templates and extensive integrations provided have been key to our scaling process. The continuous support ensures we remain productive as we grow.

Carmen Vega

Startup CEO

Our organization required a robust solution, and NotioStore delivered. The ongoing workshops and training keep our team sharp and productive, adapting to new workflows with ease.

James Wilson



No, there are no hidden costs. All potential fees are outlined upfront in your package description. Any additional services beyond the initial agreement will be discussed and priced separately.

Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time. The cost will be the difference between your current package and the upgraded package.

Additional templates and integrations can be purchased anytime. Each new template or integration is priced at $100.

Payments are due upfront. For any ongoing or additional services, payments are required at the time of service order.

Due to the customized nature of our services, refunds are not typically provided. However, we strive to ensure satisfaction with a comprehensive review and adjustments phase before finalizing the setup.

Currently, our services are charged based on specific projects rather than time commitments, but we are open to discussing custom pricing for long-term or large-scale projects.

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