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Shares 0 From the serene shores of Comoros to the bustling life in France, Salama’s journey is anything but ordinary. Balancing life as a devoted mother and a pioneering digital entrepreneur, she has carved out a niche in the expansive world of Notion templates. Today, she shares insights into how a simple search for personal […]

How to Transform Notion into Your Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist

Shares 0 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has never been more accessible. Yet, many struggle to stay on track with fitness and nutrition goals. Many people rely on simple workout templates to track their progress, but these templates have limitations. The good news is that with the right tools and a bit of creativity, you can […]


Shares 0 Meet Albert, the dynamic Notion creator who turned his quest for organization into a flourishing career. Back in 2020, as a busy student juggling academic deadlines and personal commitments, Albert discovered Notion. What started as a personal solution to manage his burgeoning video production business soon sparked a creative journey into the world […]

How to connect Zotero to Notion

Shares 0 Last week a subscriber asked me if I had any information about using Notion and Zotero. I never heard of Zotero before so I googled it and… God! if I had this when I was in college! You can get Zotero here and use it to manage research materials for papers, academic projects, […]


Shares 0 K In a world where digital platforms shape our lives, there are pioneers who go beyond merely using these platforms, they reshape and redefine them. Today, we venture into the digital realm with one such trailblazer – a creator, a gamer, an entrepreneur, and a self-professed Notion Nerd. From Slovenia, a country nestled […]


Shares 0 Welcome to a journey into the mind of a visionary, where innovation meets practicality. In the vibrant landscape of digital creation, we find a remarkable figure – Ithakka, hailing from the historic streets of Prague, Czech Republic. At the age of 36, Ithakka stands as a beacon of inspiration, twice as seasoned as […]


Shares 0 K Enter the innovative sphere of a nutritional scientist turned digital creator, who has redefined how we approach health and well-being. I am thrilled to bring to you an intimate tête-à-tête with the immensely talented Anica, the brain behind a myriad of Notion templates designed to revolutionize health and wellness. This Berlin native, […]


Shares 0 While most of us are just scratching the surface of Notion, a young prodigy from India has turned it into an art form. As the sun rises over the subcontinent, Komal, at the tender age of 17, dives deep into the world of templates and formulas, crafting systems that not only enhance productivity […]


Shares 0 Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to dive into the captivating world of design, productivity, and the blend of art and technology that makes life more organized and meaningful. We bring you an intriguing conversation with the multifaceted UX designer and creator – Harriet. Born in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, now based in […]