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While most of us are just scratching the surface of Notion, a young prodigy from India has turned it into an art form. As the sun rises over the subcontinent, Komal, at the tender age of 17, dives deep into the world of templates and formulas, crafting systems that not only enhance productivity but do so with flair.

From waking up with the first light to dabbling in psychology, and from helping her mom to designing Notion templates with the beats of stand-up comedy in the background, Komal’s day is as diverse as it is fascinating.

So, buckle up as we embark on a journey with this budding Notion artist, exploring her dreams, aspirations, and her unique intertwining of life and tech. Welcome to the world of Komal—the student, the creator, the dreamer.

Q: Komal, let’s start at the beginning. How did you stumble upon Notion, and what captivated you about it?

A: My journey with Notion began on Instagram. Its aesthetics and functionality instantly caught my eye—it looked both stunning and incredibly useful.

Q: Your venture into creating Notion templates sounds fascinating. How did that come about?

A: It all started when I designed a vibrant template out of a desire to step away from Notion’s default minimalist design. It was both fun and therapeutic. As my thirst for advanced templates grew, YouTube became my university.

Q: Paint us a picture of a day in your life.

A: I’m quite the early bird, rising at 5 am. The tranquility of dawn is perfect for indulging in a book. If time permits, I lend a hand to my mom with household duties. The college occupies the bulk of my day, but post-academics, I plunge into Notion. Come evening, my focus shifts to academics again. By 10 pm, I’m usually off to bed.

Q: As a budding Notion entrepreneur, where do you see this journey taking you?

A: It’s been just a few months since I embarked on selling Notion templates, but the response has been heartening. Long-term? I envision crafting templates that are both beautiful and bring tangible benefits to users.

Q: With a student’s schedule, how does Notion blend into your daily grind?

A: After a day at college, carving out time for Notion templates is my way to combine passion and productivity.

Q: Any marketing strategies you swear by for your templates?

A: Twitter’s been my mainstage for promotions. However, I’m eyeing Instagram next to broaden my outreach.

Q: What pearls of wisdom would you offer to aspiring Notion template creators?

A: Dive deep into formulas, relations, and rollups—they’re game-changers for database intricacies. And a little tip? The call-out block is a neat trick for a polished template look. Oh, and networking is invaluable. Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of marketing—it’s vital.

Q: After a long day, how do you wind down?

A: Imagine crafting a Notion template with a side of stand-up comedy—that’s my blend of work and relaxation. And nothing beats a skincare routine to truly relax.

Q: What’s a personal aspiration you’re chasing right now?

A: Beyond the world of Notion, I’m delving into psychology. My dream? To be a psychologist, guiding others towards a fulfilling life.

As the sun sets on our enlightening conversation, it’s evident that Komal isn’t just a tech-savvy teen; she’s a beacon of inspiration for every young creator out there. Her drive, passion, and ability to interweave her interests – from the intricacies of psychology to the whimsical desire to live tech-free in a forest – paint a vivid tapestry of a multifaceted life.

At just 17, she’s already charting a course that many only dream of. As she continues her journey, blending the worlds of Notion, academia, and her myriad interests, we can’t help but feel excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead for her.

Here’s to Komal, the prodigious spirit who reminds us that age is but a number and that with dedication, the world is truly one’s Notion canvas. Safe travels on your adventure, Komal. We’ll be eagerly awaiting the masterpieces you conjure next.

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