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Turn Notion into your personal trainer & nutritionist with this AI-powered template

Struggling with generic fitness plans and lack of motivation? AI FitForge is here to revolutionize your journey. Embrace a fitness experience that’s as unique as you are, all within your favorite app, Notion.

Craft Your
Wellness Journey

Tailored Workouts

Discover the power of personalization. Your goals, our expertise—woven into a fitness plan that speaks to your aspirations.

nutrition Crafted for You

Nourishment meets customization. A nutrition map designed with your preferences, guiding you to your wellness destination.

Ergonomic Breaks for the Digital Age

Revitalize your routine with quick, ergonomic exercises—crafted to counter the digital world's demands.

The product is really unique, usefull and encouraging toward improving yor health. It's crafted as the highest quality on user experience and functionality. This system will This Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, an AI System built in Notion that will save you time on consultations or even knowing what to ask. It does everything for you. Besides, it's a Notion template easy to use.

Sergio Ureña


I absolutely love AI FitForge! It has completely transformed my fitness journey. The personalized workout and nutrition plans have made a significant difference in helping me reach my goals. The convenience of having everything integrated into Notion is a game-changer. Thank you for making it so easy to prioritize my health and well-being!


Notion Creator

The FitForge is one of a kind workout template and a way to utilize Notion AI to its fullest potentials. This is perfect for anyone who wants to start working out and get in shape but not want to deal with personal trainer or just want to work out at home. Bonus point for DeskFlex! I'm one of those people who are in front of my laptop everyday so it helps tremendously with all the stretch suggestion for my back pain. A tool to ask and track your health all in one place. Truly a masterpiece!


Notion Creator

Designed to
Understand and Adapt to You

  • Dynamic workouts that respect your time and challenges.
  • Smart nutrition that aligns with your dietary preferences and restrictions.
  • Instant support from an intelligent AI assistant, ready to clear your doubts.