Meet Kevechino, a vibrant college student by day and a dynamic Notion template creator by night, brewing up a storm in both his coffee cup and the digital productivity world.


From the bustling streets of the Philippines, Kevechino has transformed the chaos of college life and business management into a finely tuned orchestra of organized digital aesthetics.

With a knack for blending the practical with the playful, he introduces the world of gamification into everyday tasks, turning mundane to-dos into thrilling quests.

Dive into our conversation with Kevechino as he shares his journey from finding Notion during a Twitter scroll to designing templates that are as functional as they are fun, proving that organization doesn’t just have to be effective—it can be enjoyable too!

Q: How did you first discover Notion, and what drew you to it?

A: As a college student, I was looking for ways to do well in my academics while still saving time for my other business ventures. I stumbled upon Notion and it worked really well, I started using habit trackers and student dashboards (I remember my first aesthetic dashboard was dark academia-themed!). What intrigued me the most about Notion was its flexibility–it could be anything I wanted, and that’s what I needed as a busy student.

Q: What inspired you to begin creating Notion templates, particularly those that incorporate gamification?

A: I was looking for ways to incorporate gamification into my life, but I just couldn’t find the perfect app for me. Then it came to me: why not use Notion? Unfortunately, I didn’t like most gamification templates: they were too “gamey” or required too much maintenance which made it counterproductive. Some others were efficient but lacked the gamification feel to it.

So I decided to create my own, and that’s how Gamified Life OS came to be. I wanted something game-based but still aesthetical and functional. I made it for myself but when I shared it with others, they really liked it too. That’s when I began selling Gamified Life OS.

Q: How do you think gamification enhances the functionality of a productivity tool like Notion?

A: I simply think it is another method, another tool. I believe gamification should enhance your productivity and discipline, not replace it. So, to me, earning points, leveling up, and spending your EXP is a powerful visual feedback motivator, and that is how it should be utilized in productivity tools. By easily “inputting” your activities, easily seeing your progress, and easily getting a reward from it, you easily level up your life. This is the core of my gamification system: Gamified Life OS.

Q: What challenges do you face when integrating complex features into your Notion templates?

A: There is a balance with ease of use, practicality, and advanced use. I can build just about anything… but is that a good idea? In my opinion, if your complex feature is hard to use and is completely unnecessary, then leave it out. I face this dilemma all the time so I ask myself the question: “Will this feature take me or my customers from point A to B more efficiently?” if the answer is no then I have to brainstorm ways to simplify yet maximize productivity.

Q: How do you balance aesthetic appeal with practical functionality in your designs?

A: I love this question. When I first started creating Gamified Life OS, I used Avatar: The Last Airbender as my inspiration for the design. In fact, the initial name of Gamified Life OS was “Aspects OS”. I struggled to find a balance between aesthetics and function but I made it work: aesthetics should never hinder the function, but in fact enhance it. All my Notion templates follow this philosophy. I don’t believe it must strictly be one or the other, but finding a balance is the mark of a truly creative creator and a problem solver. I aspire to be like other Notion creators who can do this.

Q: What does a typical day in your life look like?

A: Quite lax, actually!

My schedule is hectic as a college student, but on my working days (as a Notion creator) I wake up, have a nice cup of coffee, get a little bit of exercise, shower, eat, then I begin my plan-for-the-day session. I plan my 3 critical tasks for the day and I spend the next 4-6 hours completing them. After that, I rest a bit, maybe for 2-3 hours. Then, I do another deep work session for 1-2 hours. The rest of the day is for relaxation.

Q: How do you stay inspired and innovative?

A: I find happiness and fulfillment in completing my tasks and visualizing a future for myself. I remind myself that if I am taking even 1 step towards the future I want to build for myself, I am doing something right.

Q: What’s your favorite way to relax or destress?

A: Good sleep. Good music. Good coffee. Good book. Good movie. I live for the simple things in life!

Q: Can you share a goal or dream that you’re currently pursuing?

A: I plan to pursue Notion consulting after I’m done with my Notion templates. After that, I’d like to switch to a personal brand and start designing landing pages as well. As for my personal life, I’m currently trying to up my fashion!

Q: Finally, what advice would you give to someone starting their journey as a Notion template creator?

A: Create things you yourself would use. There’s nothing wrong with “common” or generic templates, just remember to add your own unique flair to it. Don’t copy or steal from other creators. And finally: enjoy the process, don’t expect the result.

And there you have it—a peek into the world of Kevechino, where creativity meets productivity, and every day is an opportunity to design a life you love.

With a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and a touch of gamification, Kevechino is not just creating Notion templates; he’s crafting experiences that transform routine into excitement.

Whether he’s fine-tuning his latest project or sipping a perfectly brewed cappuccino, this visionary creator is on a mission to make organization irresistibly fun.

As we wrap up our inspiring chat, remember that like Kevechino, you too can turn your passions into platforms for innovation and style. Stay tuned for what he brews up next—it’s bound to be as energizing as a double shot of espresso!

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